There are few things as magnificent as experiencing Denali hiking tours. Denali National Park offers multiple options with varying difficulty levels to experience one of the world’s most famous national parks.

Nine Excellent Guided Hiking Tours In Denali National Park:

Denali Backcountry Adventure

Denali Backcountry Adventure

This tour begins in Anchorage and ends in Denali National Park. This multi-day tour is for experienced hikers prepared for the rugged Alaskan terrain. You’ll be amidst the breathtaking Chugach Mountains scenery and asperous Alaska mountainside during this hike. You’ll be responsible for carrying your supplies and camping under the stars for an unforgettable trip. The Backcountry Adventure is a Denali Hiking Tour you’ll want to take with an experienced guide. Working with someone who knows the best spots to camp to the safest routes traversing the unpredictable backcountry is a must. This adventure is NOT recommended for novice hikers on their own.

Denali: 5-Hour Guided Wilderness Hiking Tour

Denali Wilderness

This is an excellent option if you are interested in something other than an overnight hiking tour. On this trip, you will experience beautiful natural scenery and wildlife. The hike ascends 1100 feet and takes about 5 hours to complete, which does require peak physical fitness. However, while less rigorous than a multi-day backcountry excursion, this is one of the most enjoyable guided hikes in Denali National Park.

Wilds of Alaska

Caribou in Denali

Are you an animal lover? This trip is excellent for people who want to see Denali National Park, the interior of Alaska, and the Anan National Preserve. On this trip, hikers often encounter fantastic wildlife like moose and grizzly bears.

The Denali flightseeing and guided wildlife hikes offer fantastic views of Denali and the beautiful Talkeetna Mountains. This area is home to Caribou, moose, grizzly bears, sheep, black bears, wolves, coyotes, fox, wolverine, ermine, otters, eagles, short-eared owls, ptarmigan, ducks, loons, Canadian geese and swans. Most of these animals have been observed from the comfort of the lodge and its cozy cabins. Wildflowers abound from mid-June through August. The long days of summer bring fantastic sunrises and the tranquility of the Midnight Sun as it slips behind Denali is a sight to behold.

This is a trendy trip, so make sure to reserve early.

Alaska Alpine Adventures

Denali Alaska

It’s no secret that global warming is impacting the ice shelf, and this trip is perfect for people who want to see glaciers before they melt away. A longer hike, this trip features varied terrain and offers an incredible view of the mountains and glaciers of interior Alaska. This trip is for people who have some outdoor experience and are familiar with camping in the wild. Weather permitting, on this trip, you will see Denali, America’s highest peak.

Walk Denali Backcountry Guides

group of people hiking

Are you looking for something less intense than a multi-day backcountry trip that involves sleeping outside and avoiding grizzly bears? If so, enjoy the Walk Denali Backcountry tour. On this trip, you will experience beautiful views of the mountains and a great group of people. The overwhelming beauty makes it easy to see why hiking in Denali is on many people’s bucket lists. However, this tour suits people who have moderate hiking experience.

Camp Denali: 6-Day Backpacking Adventure

wild camping in denali national park

This adventure requires minimal equipment but provides maximum exposure. On this 6-day adventure, you’ll enjoy the intensity and beauty that Alaska has to offer. You’ll even get to spend one day hiking with a glacier expert to explain the nuances of the natural wonders in the park. In addition, this trip features an extreme ultralight technique which means you’ll carry light packs and camp out under the stars with little equipment.

Denali Park Village Hiking

denali national park flora

On this trip, you will be treated to some of the best views in Alaska. Low intensity and great for people who appreciate the outdoors and are curious about the natural expanse of the park. A highly educational trek, this Denali Guided Tour explains the geology, flora, fauna, and wildlife within the park.

Stampede Excursions

denali national park

If you want to do an Alaskan adventure but want to avoid carrying your gear, this is the perfect Denali hiking tour. You will experience beautiful views of the mountains and wildlife without feeling like a pack mule! This trip is recommended for people with moderate hiking experience and is a genuine walking tour as opposed to some of the more strenuous hikes offered in Denali National Park.

Alaska Nature Guides

Couple in a denali hike tour

Do you love the thought of glaciers and beautiful scenery but want to avoid a strenuous hike in the potentially dangerous backcountry? On this trip, you will have an opportunity to see some of the beautiful Denali hiking trails that are well-traveled and very safe. Suppose you want to experience Alaska’s natural beauty without a hard-core hike. In that case, Alaska Nature Guides could be an excellent fit for the hiker looking for a journey with moderate difficulty.

Why is hiking Denali so popular?

Is it because of the fantastic views or because the tours are accessible? Of course, both are true, but it’s because natural beauty and wonder are unmatched worldwide.

You can enjoy these hikes without heavy gear or extreme equipment and still get an authentic feel of the raw natural beauty of Alaska.

When Denali is on your bucket list, we highly recommend taking a guided tour to maximize your exposure to this incredible corner of the world.