Experiencing Alaska’s wilderness is about getting close and personal with the Earth. Camping, exploring, and hiking are all things you can do to get to know Alaska, but is it very time-consuming? Sometimes we can only dedicate so much time to our adventures, and the expenditure of time in addition to physical exertion is too much to appreciate mother nature’s beauty truly. This is where Alaska Bush Float Plane Services comes in. One of their services includes the option to charter a Float Plane flight to experience nature up close and personal without the hardship and prep that comes with hiking and camping. Instead, it allows you to focus entirely on the wilderness and landscapes around you via float plane.

Why a Float Plane?

Float Plane in Talkeetna

A Floatplane, also known as a “Pontoon Plane,” is an aircraft designed primarily for local flights around bodies of water. A float plane usually displays one or two slender floats underneath the fuselage (or body of the plane) that keep the plane buoyant. This allows the aircraft to land and takes off from bodies of water, which is perfect for the 3000+ lakes in Alaska.

Float Planes are often used for accessing remote locations where water is more abundant than land. Their small and light stature makes it easier to safely get close to the landscape with many landing locations on standby. This allows tours of the magnanimous Alaskan terrain and adventure in the Alaskan wilderness.

Where You Can Go

Alaska Bush Float Plane Denali Flight Paths

Experiencing the Alaskan landscape can be daunting as it’s the largest state in the United States of America, but not impossible. Regarding the Denali National Park, Alaska Bush Float Plane services have you covered. They offer a series of packages for your trip, whether a flightseeing tour, fly-in fishing, or wildlife tour. Their most popular package, the flightseeing tours, allows the option to pick and choose which locations to visit and see in the Denali National Park.

They are as follows:

Explore Denali 1.0:

Glacier in Denali National Park

The Denali 1.0 tour allows passengers to view the tremendous scenery of Denali, the tallest mountain in the Americas. In addition, you fly around rock walls and visit the Ruth Glacier, the Don Sheldon Amphitheater, and the Great Gorge. This flightseeing tour is also customizable with an added lake landing.

Explore Denali 1.2:

Alaska Float Plane in Denali National Park

The Denali 1.2 tour allows passengers to fly into Denali National park with a view of Denali, Base Camp, Kahiltna, the Ruth Glacier, the Don Sheldon Amphitheater, and the Great Gorge. This tour is also customizable with a lake landing.

What To Expect

A flightseeing tour is just what it sounds like, sightseeing! Before the flight, reservations are encouraged as flightseeing tours are highly popular. However, once reservations are made, it’s time to get to the takeoff base in Talkeetna! All staff prioritizes the safety of passengers and strictly adheres to safety standards and regulations. The Alaska Wilderness is exactly what the name consists of, a wilderness, so it is imperative to stick to the rules for a safe, enjoyable flight!

On the actual tour, pilots are equipped with fun and informative insights about the terrain and local landscapes. Expect a personal window seat and a highly individualized tour experience as there is a max of 5 passengers per plane. During the tour, life-changing sights wouldn’t have been possible from the road or trails. This is the best way to chase adventure in Denali national park alongside local pilots and masters of the bush.

What Type of Plane

For all tours, the Alaska Bush Float Plane Service uses the same type of plane for sightseeing and adventure tours, a floatplane!

What People Say

Alaska Bush Floatplane crew and customers

The best way to better understand the Alaskan wildlife tours is to hear words from previous customers themselves. What did they enjoy the most? How was their experience on the plane and the tour? What was the best view? What would they have done differently? All of these questions can be answered by previous flight-goers on the Alaska Bush Float Plane Service Facebook page, in addition to photos of the majestic views of the Denali National Park.


Experiencing Alaskan wildlife and touring the Denali National park is so much more accessible than before with the Alaska Bush Float Plane Service. Their flights, tours, and hiking tours allow you to take on the wilderness hand in hand with local professionals. With over 45 years of experience flying in the Denali and Alaska Range, there are guaranteed magnificent views, interesting facts, and an unforgettable flight in the comfort and safety of their pilots. Float planes just got a lot cooler visiting the frigid Alaskan bush.