Have you thought about a fly fishing adventure in Alaska? The pristine waters and majestic landscape call anglers from every corner of the world looking for a relaxing and fun outdoor experience. Alaska is a sought-after destination for fly fishing because of the abundant fish, beautiful scenery, and many rivers covering the state.

How To Fly Fish In Alaska

Whether you are an experienced angler or brand new to the sport, fly fishing in Alaska will be a welcome experience to challenge your skills and explore the sport in ways other locations can’t. But, of course, you’ll want to time your trip to take advantage of the season to increase your chances of bringing home the big one! To find the best fly fishing, you’ll want to charter an Alaska Float Plane Adventure to avoid overcrowded and overfished commercial hot spots and venture inland to the heart of the Alaskan wilds and pristine crystal blue rivers untouched by commercial crowding.

You’ll want to choose a guide that can patiently teach you the basics and ensure you have the appropriate gear.

What To Wear Fly Fishing In Alaska

Fly fishing casting

It’s no secret that the Alaskan terrain can be unpredictable and harsh. The best fly fishing is in the late spring and summer, so the weather is significantly milder than the harsh winters but can still be unpredictable. Layers are the name of the game and having an appropriate base layer, warming layers to your comfort, and a waterproof outer layer are the minimum requirements. We recommend a wide-brimmed hat to keep the sun off your face and neck that can provide some protection against the insects you’ll encounter while on the river. Remember, the sun bounces off the river and can be harsh on unprotected skin and eyes, so you’ll want to wear polarized sunglasses. Another practical attire is a comfortable fishing vest that efficiently organizes your gear. Finally, remember your boots! Part of fly-fishing fun is wading into the rivers and becoming one with nature. Appropriate footwear to help keep your balance on slick riverbeds and protect you from standing in the river all day is an absolute must.

What Gear You Need To Fly Fish In Alaska

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You’ll need a rod and a reel for fly fishing. You’ll also need a fly fishing line consisting of backing, a fly line, a leader, a tippet, a net for bringing in your catch, and some flies. It’s tough to fly fish without any flies! Now, if you are new to the sport and are still determining if this is something you want to develop into a long-term hobby, we recommend renting gear for your trip. You won’t have to worry about checking luggage with your fly fishing gear, and you’ll have access to high-quality gear at a fraction of the cost than if you purchase it on your own. If owning your gear appeals to you, we suggest you invest in quality gear to avoid the disappointment that is all too common when people buy cheap and flimsy products. The cheap options often break or need to perform better, which leads to frustration when you are fly-fishing. One of the best things about being on the water fly fishing is to escape the frustrations and anxieties of everyday life, so don’t invite irritation by risking your peace with sub-par equipment.

When Is The Best Time To Fly Fish In Alaska

Winter fly fishing in alaska

Fishing season is open all year round in Alaska. However, it’s not surprising that there’s not a lot of fishing during the harsh winter months! Knowing what you hope to catch is the secret to finding the best time to fly fish in Alaska. For Denali Plane Tours, June and July are the best months for salmon fishing. King salmon usually runs peak Mid-June, and it’s not uncommon for experienced anglers to bring in a 50 – 60lb King Salmon during peak season. At the end of summer, you’ll find more coho and rainbow trout in August and September. Also, before the salmon spawn, they are full of eggs during this time of year, so if you’re hoping to full fish for caviar, you’ll want to time your trip to the late summer season.

What Is The Most Popular Fish To Catch In Alaska

fresh caught alaskan salmon

Salmon. Whether you’re after sockeye, pink salmon, coho, chum, or chasing a big king salmon, nothing compares to a beautiful Alaskan salmon prepped for tonight’s dinner or flash-frozen to enjoy later on in the year.

Why Alaska Float Plane

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When you’re planning your Alaskan Fly Fishing adventure, it’s essential to choose a company with a proven track record of success, an impeccable safety record, and a team full of fun-loving outdoor enthusiasts to be your guides. We’ve enjoyed being the go-to expert for Alaska Fly Fishing and exist to get our clients access to secluded spots in the Alaskan wild to have a fishing experience second to none. Over time, we’ve established an intimate knowledge of the riverways and terrain to place our anglers in a peaceful setting with a high probability of catching your limit each day. In addition, Alaska Float Plane service is the premier choice for exploring Denali National Park and fly-fishing expeditions in Alaska.